• HazelGlas is a full time glassblowing and glassware supply operation, which means your glassware needs are important to us. The fabrication and repair of glassware is what we do. We will place a priority on your glassware, fabrication and repair orders.


  • At HazelGlas we know that scheduling is important to laboratory results. HazelGlas promises you will receive prompt, efficient service. We will give you definite answers about when your glassware will be ready so that you can schedule accordingly.


  • HazelGlas can help your bottom line. You won't have the cost of waiting for backordered glassware or overpay for the manufacture and repair of complicated or broken glassware. In most instances, we can repair your glassware for about 1/3 to 1/2 of its replacement cost.

  Hazel Glas
  Hamilton Avenue
  Cincinnati, OH 45223

  Phone: 513-591-2800
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